It's the ultimate Trans-Tasman clash

Proudly sponsored by ecostore, the positive TV Series XVenture Family Challenge brought together 16 families from Australia and New Zealand to compete in a range of fun, engaging and testing challenges.

Filmed at the stunning Eagles Nest, Bay of Islands in New Zealand, and hosted by Network 10's Kate Freebairn and Musician Jason Kerrison, challenges were designed to test all aspects of teamwork, where every member of the team needed to play a part in order to be successful. This wasn't about the fittest, fastest or strongest - sometimes children would lead the adults and vice versa - with families supported throughout the Series by world class coaching and experts in team dynamics, XVenture.


The family who succeeded was the one that worked together and stayed together throughout to take home the $25,000 cash prize and title of XVenture Family Challenge Champions!


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