The name of this week’s XVenture Home Challenge is Bungee Basket.


You’ll need:

  • Four members in your team

  • Laundry basket

  • One Ball (can be basketball, soccer ball, netball, rugby ball)

  • Cone (or something which you can use as a distance marker)

  • An area which is 5 metres from end to end.

  • Tape measure to measure distance (to measure 5 metres from end to end)

  • Stop watch

  • Smartphone (to video your challenge submission)


Set up:

  • You need to set up your own Bungee Basket challenge. Be sure to use the exact measurements (5 metres)  – we will know if it’s not!

  • Set you phone up in a location so the whole challenge arena is visible and press record. The actual challenge needs to be recorded in one take.

  • This is a timed challenge and judges will start their timer when the first person takes their first shot.


How to play:

  • Taking it in turns, your team has 1 minute to get as many shots into a laundry basket as you can. If a ball bounces out it does not count.

  • After each shot, the next team member needs to fetch the ball from the laundry basket to take their turn. Make sure you go back the cone each time to throw the ball. You need to keep time and when the 1 minute is up, call "time".

  • Note: In the event of a draw on the 1 minute mark, the judges will go to the baskets at 50 seconds, if there is still a draw, the judges will go the baskets at 40 seconds and so on, until the winner is found, so it’s worth being quick!

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