Congratulations to this team of students from Immanuel College, South Australia who won $1,000 for their school as the record- breakers in the 'Don't Spill the Beans' XVenture Home Challenge! 

You and your school can win cash too! Check out this week's challenge on the previous page.


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MAR 24

Episode 1

This week’s XVenture Home Challenge is called Don’t Spill the Beans.


This week you can win $1000 and an ecostore prize pack for your family and $1000 for your school.


You’ll need:

  • 4 team members (can be anyone you choose)

  • An area which is 5 metres from end to end.

  • Tape measure (to measure 5 metres from end to end)

  • Empty 1 litre milk container (clear plastic one with the label removed)

  • Funnel (wide opening) which fits into milk container

  • 1kg of dried pinto beans

  • 1 big bowl

  • Tablespoon

  • Smartphone (to video your challenge submission)


Set up:

  • Set up your own Don’t Spill the Beans challenge using the Drawing we’ve supplied on our website. Be sure to use the exact measurements (5 metres) – we will know if it’s not!

  • Set you phone up in a location so the whole challenge arena is visible and press record. The actual challenge needs to be recorded in one take.

  • This is a time challenge. Push record on your phone when you are ready. Your time starts when your first team members fills their table spoon.


How to play:

Team members need to take it in turns to fill the tablespoon with beans and carry them over to the milk container and fill the container

  • It’s one at a time and the next team member must wait at the bowl before they can have their turn

  • When the milk container is full, shout ‘Time’


Complete the entry form and submit your video doing the challenge for judging.


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