MAY 12

After watching this weeks episode, watch the video and carefully

read the instructions below.


Episode 8

This week’s XVenure Home Challenge is called It’s Your Turn!


This week you can win $1000 and an ecostore prize pack for your family and $1000 for your school.


You’ll need:

  • Four team members

  • A4 Paper

  • Pens/marker pens

  • Smartphone (to video your challenge submission)


You’ve seen the series and you’ve completed some of the XVenture Home Challenges… now, it’s turn to show us how creative you are when it comes to developing a new team challenge.


How to play:

  • In your team you must develop a new and original challenge for the XVenture Family Challenge TV series.

  • Your challenge must be suitable for four (4) team members.

  • Challenges require all team members to participate in some way.

  • On a piece of A4 paper write the rules of your challenge and draw a set- up of your challenge, including how your challenge is won.

  • Then, using your smartphone, in less than 2 minutes, explain how your challenge works.


Complete the entry form and upload your A4 page and your clip. The XVenture Director and Challenge Director will judge entries based on clarity, team learning and growth opportunity and fun factor.



Note: Challenges you submit must be original and your idea (ie. You can’t just Google team challenges and submit this) and once submitted these become property of XVenture and cannot be used elsewhere.

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