This week’s XVenture Home Challenge is called Don’t Spill the Beans.


You’ll need:

  • 4 team members

  • An area which is 2.5 metres from end to end.

  • Tape measure (to measure 2.5 metres from end to end)

  • Empty 500g yoghurt container (or something similar so the judges can see it's 500g volume capacity)

  • 750g of dried pinto beans (or beans which are maximum 15mm in length)

  • 1 bowl

  • Tablespoon

  • Smartphone (to video your challenge submission)


Set up:

  • Set up your own Don’t Spill the Beans challenge using the drawing we’ve supplied below. Be sure to use the exact measurements (2.5 metres from the bowl of beans to your 500g container). 

  • Set up your phone up in a location so the whole challenge arena is visible and press record. The actual challenge needs to be recorded in one take.

  • This is a time challenge. Push record on your phone when you are ready. Time starts when your first team members fills their table spoon.


How to play:

  • Team members need to take it in turns to fill the tablespoon with beans and carry them over to the container and fill the container until beans spill over the edge.

  • It’s one at a time and the next team member must wait at the bowl before they can have their turn

  • When beans spill over the side, shout ‘Time!’

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