After watching this weeks episode, watch the video and carefully

read the instructions below.


Episode 7

This week’s XVenure Home Challenge is called Choose a Better Tomorrow.


This week you can win $1000, a GoPro and an ecostore prize pack for your family and $1000 and a GoPro for your school.

You’ll need:

  • Four team members

  • To download and print a copy of the Choose a Better Tomorrow Poster below

  • Smartphone (to video your challenge submission) or camera

  • Self- stick (optional)


How to play: 

  • You need to develop a plan on how your team can make the world a better place and come up with an event to support this.

  • Make a 30 second viral video to deliver the message about your event.

  • You’ll need to include the Choose a Better Tomorrow poster somewhere in your clip as well. All your team members need to appear and speak in the clip.


Complete the entry form and upload your clip. XVenture and ecostore will judge the entries based on clarity and creativity.


Note: After episode 7 is on TV, we’ll post a video of the family team who won this challenge as inspiration.

Winning viral video from episode 7.

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